Siquijor Bonfire Camping in Secluded Paliton Beach

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Date of Travel: April 9, 2012

Siquijor, the island of mystics and witchcraft, as they say is an island of beauty and magnificence in the eyes of those who truly can see!  Siquijor doesnt have any airport and the only way on or off the island province is by boat from Dumaguete . Dumaguete to Siquijor is about an hour ride. In fact it is now mostly commercialized with expensive and high class resorts and beaches in San Juan. But for peace seeker like me, finding a quiet secluded beautiful place in Siquijor would be a challenge. But many thanks that we even stumble upon a place I want called Paliton Beach.

If you want to find a laidback place where only few people go, relaxing and enjoying the sunset and sunrise...then Paliton beach is for you. Me and peers have compared the fine white sand of Paliton with that of Boracay. Very nice indeed!

HOW TO GET THERE (from Cebu City on a budget):
1.) Take any CERES buses going to Santander, Cebu (the southernmost town). These buses have trips available 24 hrs. Fare: ~ P167

2.) Once you get to Santander, there would be several wharfs where you can ride a ferry / barge crossing the Negros Island.

  • Liloan Port will take you to Sibulan wharf (closest to Dumaguete) Fare: ~P58
  • Mattiao Wharf will take you to Tampi-Amlan seaport (farthest from Dumaguete) Fare: ~P70 
Note: For Filipino students and senior-citizens, always ask for your discounts for a cheaper fare.

3.) Bus, jeepneys, and cabs Dumaguete-bound are everywhere. Your next point of destination is Dumaguete city seaport.
Jeepney ~P8
Bus ~P30
Tricycle ~ P9

4.)  From Dumaguete Seaport (at the edge of the famous Rizal Boulevard) get your ferry ticket for P160 destination is Larena, Siquijor seaport. Or you can take the one going straight to San Juan, Siquijor. Ticket fare is around the same price. Havent tried it though. Terminal fee is P15.

5.) From Larena, Siquijor you have two options getting around the province.
- tricycle "pakyaw" is from P300-500 pesos depending on how well you can do sales talk.
- jeepney/multicabs for P9 fare, however, you would find it difficult to spot jeepneys/multicabs beyond 4pm.

6.) Inform the driver you need to drop off at Brgy. Paliton, San Juan. From the roadside ask locals the path to the secluded whitesand Paliton beach.

1.) Siquijor doesnt have any airport and the only way on or off the island province is by boat from Dumaguete . Dumaguete to Siquijor is about an hour ride.

2.) As per the residents, the lot area in Paliton beach is owned privately and is pending for renovation. It is best to go there while it's still not being commercialized. The area is still virgin and secluded. Not so many people know about the place and it's good if it stays at that.Well, writing this blog may defeat that purpose. LoL.

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- you may contact them if you need a tricycle transport or multicab for "pakyaw" at a discounted price
- please contact them and book in advance



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