Apo Island, the Sanctuary of Marine Turtles

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Date of Travel: April 6, 2012

I've been hearing a lot of things regarding Apo Island which made me so interested to go there as well. Most of my foreign guests here in Cebu is telling me that I should go there myself too. So here's my trip... we didn't know that it was their fiesta celebration.. We were so lucky! Many thanks to councilor Jerry Mendez for letting us camp for free and our host Henry Lumanog for allowing us to camp right in front of their house. ^_^ Also, many thanks to Mr. Walter for scheduling our dinner in their humble house.

(from Cebu City on a budget):

1.) Take any CERES buses going to Santander, Cebu (the southernmost town). These buses have trips available 24 hrs. Fare: ~ P167
2.) Once you get to Santander, there would be several wharfs where you can ride a ferry / barge crossing the Negros Island.
  • Liloan Port will take you to Sibulan wharf (closest to Dumaguete) Fare: ~P58
  • Mattiao Wharf will take you to Tampi-Amlan seaport (farthest from Dumaguete) Fare: ~P70Note: 
For Filipino students and senior-citizens, always ask for your discounts for a cheaper fare.

Map3.) Bus, jeepneys, and cabs Dumaguete-bound are everywhere. Your next point of destination is Dumaguete city bus terminal. Don't worry about finding a meal, you can just eat at the bus terminal where there are food stores serving meals.
Jeepney ~P8
Bus ~P30

4.) Ask a bus conductor that you need to ride a bus bound to Bayawan City but you will be just dropping in Malatapay Market junction, Brgy. Maluay, Zamboaguita which is the second next town from Dumaguete. This junction is famous.
Jeepney ~P17 (although jeepneys are rare to find going to Zamboanguita)
Bus ~P25 (there is a lot of CERES bus you can take)

You have to enlist yourselves here boarding the boat.
waiting for the public boat

5.) Walk a little going to Malatapay Market from the highway / main road or junction the bus stopped. This is the final stop, and where you will be riding the pumpboat going to the island itself. Here are your choices:

Public pumpboat: Although there is no definite schedule for the public transpo which is offered by the brgy officials of Apo Island, this is way much cheaper. Fare is P100 one-way. There is someone, an in-charge near the sari-sari store in Malatapay market who would let everyone sign a manifesto before boarding the boat. They will also be the main contact of Apo Island officials if they need to send a boat to the mainland fetching the number of visitors waiting.

Private / "pakyaw": If you are in a hurry, you can rent a boat for a day or even ask the boat driver to get you the next day from the island back to the mainland. Most of the owners or drivers of these boats are living in Apo Island themselves. Price: small boat - P2,200 (6 passengers) / big boat - P3,000 (9 passengers). If you have charm, use it to lower down the cost. ^_^

6.) Reaching the island, you will see the island's tourism office where you will be asked to pay a sort of an entrance fee and other fees depending on what you do there (filming, camping, diving, etc).
the Apo Island tourism office, people lining up for their turn to take the boat

Zamboanguita - an active No Smoking Policy
Water - deep well
Electricity - generator-powered from 6pm-9pm only for the whole island

More info here: http://www.dumagueteinfo.com/apo-island-day-trip.php

Councilor Jerry Mendez
Henry Lumanog and Librada Lumanog
 - island tour guide, cheaper souvenir items (tshirt, etc) 09058659623 look for their daughter Riza
 - souvenir t-shirt is at P200 pesos or you can ask for discounts if you order in bulk.

Apo Island Map

Apo Island Map

1) Marine Sanctuary and Protected Seascape, Clown Fish City is also in the marine sanctuary.
2) Rock East.
3) Rock West.
4) Katipanan.
5) Chapel.
6) Balay.
7) Largahan.
8) Coconut.
9) Olo.
10) Mamsa.
11) Kan-Oran.
12) Apo Island Beach Resort and Dive Center.
13) Liberty Lodge and Pauls Dive Center.
14) The Lighthouse.
15) Apo Village.

Apo Island Fees:
General Admission P100 per adult and P10 for minors (12-18 years of age) Dauin residents get in cheaper at P10 for all ages but you got to bring you cedula to prove you are from Dauin.

Arriving in Apo Island with travel buddies: Alyana, Ivy, Ian, Drake (me) and Vanessa

a foreign national who chose to live in the island with his Filipina wife, cheers!

beautiful sunset!

while on the barangay disco or "bayle"

the famous Apo Island rock

Happy Fiesta Apo Island!

camping at Lumanog's residence

diving and chasing the turtles!

Found one turtle... definitely not the biggest yet!

chasing the turtles, biggest in person!
a unique European blend offered by a foreign national to us! so strong!

view of the island on top!


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