Casaroro Falls, Still Magnificient after 2011 Typhoon Sendong

Monday, June 4, 2012

Date of Travel: April 7, 2012

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I am not really a fan of falls or springs or lakes, however I came across a blog of my friend, Edcel, and saw his adventures around Negros Oriental. One of them is trekking towards Casaroro falls. Most bloggers would say that Casaroro Falls takes one back several years when man and nature coexisted in harmony. According to legend, the name was derived from the word 'Casa ni Roro' or in English 'Roro's house'.

The great typhoon Sendong had greatly devastated several towns in Negros Oriental like Valencia and San Jose, to name a few. And what do we expect? Your way to Casaroro wouldn't be that easy. Even a motor ride would make you feel a pain in the butt, literally. But dare I say, that this falls is so majestic to look at. I am so glad that the area near the falling waters were not that overly damaged by the typhoon and I believe some mystical forces had it shielded. LoL

The Holy Week travelers: Vanessa (Cebu), Drake (Leyte), Ryan (Laguna), Ivy (Leyte) and Alyana (Manila)

HOW TO GET THERE (from Dumaguete City on a budget):
1.) Take a tricycle to the terminal bound for Valencia town. Minimum fare of tricycle in Dumaguete is 9 pesos which is 2 pesos more expensive for the tricycle rate in Cebu City.

2.) At the terminal bound for Valencia town, one can take a bus or a jeepney. Jeepney fare is 12 pesos. But please take note, that beyond 4pm it would be hard to find a jeepney headed to Valencia. If that is the case, you may rent or 'pakyaw' a tricycle. Pakyaw rate is P250 pesos good for 6 persons. Or if you can find a motorcycle which can accomodate two passengers, the rate is normally P100 each passenger.

3.) On your way to Valencia, expect the wind to get colder as you go uphill. You would also be passing first, Forest Camp (a resort of several swimming pools) and second, Harold's Ecolodge (same owner as Harold's Mansion lodge in Dumaguete City, a newly-built commercial campsite to those heading to Mt. Talinis). Just several meters away all the way up is the entrance to Camp 1 (a known old camp site for those preparing to climb Mt. Talinis)

4.) Please note that jeepney's or tricycles are only up to Brgy. Apolong near where Harold's Ecolodge is. You may need to rent or hire a motorcycle or "habal-habal" which can accomodate at max 2 persons to take you beyond, all the way up! Tell the motor driver to take you to Casaroro falls entrance. If you come from Harold's Ecolodge, you may choose to hike your way to the entrance of Casaroro falls especially early in the morning where it would be good to jog uphill and feel the sweat of the morning. It's going to be 20-25 minute walk.
early morning walk uphill and you'll see several kinds of flowers

5.) Once you reach the entrance to the falls, it wouldn't be an easy trek because you will follow a man made steep cement-stairs with hand railings going down. It's like walking on the side of the cliff. I'm afraid of heights so it was a little bit of a challenge for me.I've tried counting it and it's 319 steps going down to rich the river. The from the river basin, you have to river trek going up to reach the falls. Expect to pass by big boulders of rock, the remnants of Typhoon Sendong. You need your 'spiderman' skills here to conquer these rocks. The trek is about 25-minutes. You need to really be careful because there are some parts where it is not dry, and the stones are very slippery.

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20-minute hike from Harold's Ecolodge to falls entrance

319 steps from fall entrance going down the river basic
25-minute river trek reaching the falls

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James - motorcycle / habal-habal driver 09057145115
Lolo Adong Olasiman - caretaker of Harold's Lodge 09081844400
Lolo Adong can also serve as a camping/hike guide for those heading to Mt. Talinis


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